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MondaySmoking and stretching3 white people in the snowBoring new years eveningStuck in the pastVTS crew. Crocodile Dundee styleAll I want for Christmas is stewUps sorry. Wrong page.Sunday morningWhat keeps me goingHow to smoke pipe in the rain (a guy I saw from the window)RelaxingThe TempleYawn! Boring literatureJeg så uglemanden kysse mor.Always on top of thingsA simple drawingCatching the trainVTS crew. Phineas and Ferb styleEye candy.Trimming the flat topStressCrack headMy monday showerFunny job - funny bodyGreetings from GreenlandA drawing a day keeps the reality awayBEA - Matisse styleA fast drawingThe paper moon landingDrawing a bit at the Danish National GallerySelfieEating my lunch in the parkSame same but differentFirst dateSmartphone dadShadow boxingOn the trainThe modern lifeWorking from home daySentimental hair dayOn the TrainYou are not a looser. There is alway someone you can beat.Lunch timeAn early childhood memoryA hot day in the studioDrawing a bit on the planeNow you knowMarried to the lawThe invisible man gets ready for a new dayA sketch for something bigger.Friday evening and ready for the weekendFootballDrawn during the European Championship tournamentDrawing a bit on the phoneTattoo drawingsEraserhead